Energy Beauty Bar

Energy Beauty Bar is an ionic vibrating facial massager that can eliminate wrinkles of varying severity. The device can be used by men and women who plan to achieve rejuvenation without “beauty injections” or surgery. The product is officially certified, which indicates its benefits in terms of eliminating wrinkles, safety for health. The product provides […]

Fizzy Slim

Fizzy Slim is a slimming drug that can normalize weight without exhausting diets and hours of exercise. The product is in the form of effervescent tablets, the composition of which has been developed by practitioners. The innovation is equally effective for use by men and women, and improves body parameters, regardless of the cause of […]

Fresh Fingers

Fresh Fingers is an innovation in the world of antimicrobial deodorants – preparations. It not only removes excessive perspiration, but also fights off disgusting odors. The drug helps to cure fungus and all kinds of diseases of the nails and skin of the feet, which are caused by harmful bacteria. Bad smell is a problem […]


Fungalor is a cream for fungal infections of the feet. Helps start the renewal process and actively eliminate foot fungus and other infections. Eliminates unpleasant and odor-causing bacteria and improves the structure of the dermis.


Germitox is a parasite remedy for home treatment. The drug is made for those who want to undergo effective therapy on condition of anonymity, without overpayment, with a guarantee of recovery. The product is produced in the form of capsules, which allows you to get rid of helminthic invasion without the involvement of doctors. During […]


Intoxic is a drug designed to rid a person of worms. According to statistics, every second person is infected with them. The activity of helminths can greatly weaken human health. The drug will help get rid of them as quickly and effectively as possible, without harm to health. The drug has a small number of […]


Nomidol is a concentrated cream used to treat fungal infections of the feet and toes. Thanks to its natural and protective composition, the product fights against unpleasant odors and heals aching cracks. The product helps to restore normal skin condition and strengthen local immunity. Other advantages of the drug are high efficiency, affordable price, ease […]


Ostelife is an innovative remedy to relieve the symptoms of gout and other musculoskeletal conditions in just a few minutes. Just rub it into the sore area, wait a few seconds for it to be absorbed and return to your usual rhythm, now you will not be bothered by pain and stiffness in movements. With […]

Peruvian Maca

Peruvian Maca is a balm that increases libido and restores male health. Widely used as an antidote for strength, stamina and libido. Even in ancient times, Peruvian macaques were used to accelerate the appearance of children, as well as to gain strength. Men who have used Peruvian Maca report that they are no longer afraid […]


Psoridex is a gel-cream developed according to the latest science and medicine for the complex treatment of even advanced forms of psoriasis. Today, this hereditary skin disease is the most common. Until now, the reasons for its appearance have not been thoroughly studied, so it is quite difficult for specialists to find an effective remedy […]