Top 10 Treatments for Bunion Valgus

The disease of hallux valgus affects older women. Its causes of frequent occurrence are metabolic disorders and the frequent wearing of too tight shoes with high heels. Many people have a question about its treatment. This will help in different ways.

Proper nutrition

In order to cure the disease, you need to exclude salty and spicy dishes from the menu. By adjusting the diet, it will be possible to get rid of not only hallux valgus, but also other diseases.


Salt is one of the most useful folk methods. With it, you can reduce the temperature and relieve inflammation. On the basis of such a product, you can heat water and throw salt into it. This bath must be taken within two weeks.

Prepare a medicine based on a chicken egg

To prepare it, you must have an egg, vaseline. Pour the vinegar solution over the egg. Put in the dark until the shell dissolves. Top up with Vaseline and grind. Apply to the affected area.

Folk methods

There are such options for folk methods: tincture of iodine and dandelion. In its preparation, it is necessary to have dandelion flowers, grass and iodine. Grind everything and dry well. Pour the iodine solution over the grass so that it covers it. This solution must be used every 4 days. Compress with propolis. When preparing a compress, knead with your fingers and apply to the bone on the leg. Secure the structures with a bandage.

Using insoles

With the help of such insoles, you can provide a comfortable move, reduce pressure on the metatarsophalangeal joint of the thumb. They must be selected on an individual basis.

Therapeutic gymnastics

It will help strengthen the musculoskeletal system and reduce symptoms. In addition to all of the above, warming ointments are excellent. Using these methods will help solve the problem of hallux valgus. If signs of illness appear, you should go to the doctor. He will select orthopedic insoles and prescribe physiotherapy exercises. We recommend using proven methods.