Top 10 Eye Treatments

It is known that we receive most of the information from the world around us with the help of a visual analyzer, thanks to which a picture of the world is built. If a person develops disorders that affect the visual analyzer, then this causes serious difficulties not only in interacting with the environment, but also in choosing a job, since many promising and highly paid professions are somehow connected with computer technology. In addition, eye pathologies impede communication, which leads to a decrease in the quality of life of an individual, and the fast pace of life in the modern world makes the problem acute and relevant. Medicine of the twenty-first century allows people, if not to restore, then at least to preserve their eyesight until old age.


All methods of treatment can be classified as non-drug and drug, which in turn are divided into conservative and surgical.

Non-drug methods

Gymnastics for the eyes includes the movement of the eyeballs down, up, to the sides, circular movements and so on. Zhdanovs method - examining a test ophthalmological table. First with one eye, then with the other, and then with both. Such training should last at least five minutes and is done three times a day. The Bates Method is a combination of passive and active eye exercises. The hardware method involves the use of special ophthalmic simulators and stops progressive myopia, and also improves visual acuity. Rigid orthokeratology lenses can improve vision in a relatively short period of time without the need to visit a surgical office; lenses can stop progressive myopia. These lenses are used at night.

Medicated methods

Conservative therapy includes taking those medications prescribed by the attending physician. As a rule, these are eye drops. It is important to note that often after surgery, drugs are prescribed, the intake of which is mandatory for the best result. Surgical methods of treatment, as a rule, are minimally invasive operations aimed at radical elimination of pathology. Very often combined with the use of a laser. It is important to remember that at the first sign of vision problems, it is necessary to consult a specialist. Do not waste time hoping that the disease will go away on its own or rely on the advice of acquaintances, friends or relatives. Modern medicine will help you quickly, efficiently and permanently get rid of pathology. Doctors are armed with such modern methods as: