Top 10 Snoring Treatments

There are many treatments for snoring. All of them are reduced to the stabilization of soft tissue tone. Among them there are those that are much more effective. Lets talk about them.

Position Therapy

Positional treatment is probably the only treatment for snoring that you can turn to without first consulting a professional. A high level of collapse of the soft structures of the pharynx is most often observed during the rest period lying on the back. And the essence of the method is to control the location of the body in a dream. For this, additional devices are used - from specialized belts to backpacks or simple tennis balls sewn into a pajama T-shirt in the back area.

Drug therapy

It must be understood that the effect of medications is focused on snoring, and not on preventing the factors that activate it. Thus, to identify the problem and extract the prescription, one cannot do without consulting a doctor. There are not many problems that cause snoring, which can be solved with the help of medications. We are talking about pills for weight loss, softening the throat or relieving swelling of the larynx with a cold or allergy. However, even in thoroughly selected groups of patients, the therapeutic result does not always meet expectations. Most pharmaceuticals have secondary results. And often the damage from these substances outweighs the possible benefits of their use.

Intraoral applicators

When the applicator is inserted, the lower jaw moves forward. The lumen of the pharynx is enlarged. There is one thing: caps should be made taking into account the individual characteristics of the client, according to the structure of his jaw.

Patches and clips for snoring

Snoring patches and clips have a lot of opposing opinions. Although most of the reviews about them are positive. Particularly effective during colds. Do not harm the body.

Surgical treatment of snoring

Helps to get rid of the problem once and for all. There is a contraindication - a severe degree of OSAS. After the operation, pain medications come to the rescue. Laser snoring treatments, CPAP therapy, and hypoglossal nerve stimulation are rarely used. But they also have a place. If you encounter such a problem, we recommend resorting to the following methods: