Top 10 Treatments for Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a disease of the genitourinary system that occurs in men due to hypothermia (overheating), infectious and venereal diseases, secretion stagnation as a result of irregular sexual activity or work associated with prolonged sitting. Inflammation of the prostate gland is manifested by pain in the pelvic area, urination disorders, sexual disorders. Medical statistics show that the number of patients with prostatitis is growing year by year. At the same time, a significant part of men who are faced with a problem avoid going to the doctor because of false shame. But experts warn that only timely treatment will help to avoid unpleasant and severe complications caused by diseases of the reproductive system. An appeal to a urologist for the diagnosis and effective treatment of prostatitis is a prerequisite for the elimination of an infectious focus in the body and the return of a man to a full life.

Methods of treating inflammation of the prostate gland

Depending on the form of leakage, acute and chronic prostatitis are isolated.

Treatment of acute prostatitis

Patients who have an acute uncomplicated form of prostatitis are diagnosed on an outpatient basis. In the presence of a purulent process, hospitalization is indicated. Medications are prescribed by the urologist based on the results of the tests. Antibiotics are widely used that can penetrate the tissues of the prostate gland. In case of acute urinary retention, a cystostomy is installed - drainage for urine diversion. The development of an abscess is an indication for endoscopic opening of the abscess.

Chronic prostatitis treatment

Even timely and fully organized treatment of acute prostatitis is not a guarantee that the patient will not develop a chronic disease. Therapy of chronic prostatitis is based on the use of a complex of methods. Treatment includes:
  • a course of antibacterial drugs that the specialist chooses based on the results of urine culture and prostate secretion;
  • taking antispasmodics to reduce pain;
  • microclysters with warm medicinal solutions;
  • physiotherapy - targeted exposure to ultrasonic and laser waves, electromagnetic oscillations to improve blood flow;
  • prostate massage, which helps to eliminate the inflammatory secretion of the prostate from the body;
  • therapeutic gymnastics.
In addition to the main therapy, urologists recommend vitamin preparations, diet food and folk remedies in the form of decoctions and herbal infusions. The advanced stage of the disease requires surgical intervention. The leading role in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate belongs to drug therapy.


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