Top 10 Muscle Gains

Building muscle is far from easy. Many lift iron, work out every day for several hours and eat food in abnormal quantities, but the muscles do not grow, and sometimes extra fat is added. This article will describe the methods by which you will find the body of your dreams without much difficulty and disruption. First you need to understand that an increase in muscle growth will occur if motivation and discipline are combined in you: build a training plan yourself or contact a specialist.

Tips for Gaining Muscle Mass:

  1. Increased protein intake. Protein is the building material of our body, so without it, the muscles will have nowhere to grow. If the protein intake is insufficient, you can drink a glass of milk at night.
  2. Balanced diet with high calorie content. Without a supply of calories, training will not be productive, because it takes a lot of energy to build muscle mass.
  3. Consumption of carbohydrates after exercise. Many studies have shown that it will be easier to recover from a hard workout if you consume high-carbohydrate foods, such as a banana or peanut butter. Important: consumption of complex carbohydrates is desirable.
  4. Meals should ideally be every 3 hours. This tip will help increase the rate of mass gain and control the adequate intake of calories and BJU.
  5. The exercises should be complex. By not developing all the muscles in your body evenly, you are challenging your body to go against nature.
  6. Projectile weight over repetitions. Performing with a lot of weight but a low number of repetitions develops strength, not endurance, which is determined by muscle mass.
  7. Make rest days. If you do not exhaust your body with loads and do not allow the tissues to recover, the muscles will not grow, so you should make a training plan and relax without a twinge of conscience. Protein synthesis occurs within a day after a workout, so a day of rest after a power load is required.
  8. Using protein shakes before exercise. Pre-workout protein intake is important because during exercise, blood flow to the tissues increases. Thus, the protein reaches the muscles faster, which increases the rate of muscle growth.
There are also products containing important trace elements for muscle growth.