Top 10 Breast Enlargement Products

A beautiful neckline is the dream of every woman. Gorgeous female breasts have always been and still are the canon of beauty. But not always big breasts are given by nature. Sometimes, in order to achieve good forms, you need to work on your own, or lie under a surgical scalpel. A chic neckline helps a woman to be self-confident, sexy, charming in the eyes of many men. The stronger sex likes it when a woman has chic shapes that make the décolleté area unforgettable. So what to do for those women who, either by nature or by inheritance, did not get a large bust. There are different options and methods for breast augmentation, they are divided into the following types.


Sports are part of the home method. Of course, this method does not increase from the first to the third size, but only gives a little shape, strengthening the muscles of the chest. Exercises that will help improve the chest and décolleté area: head tilts, push-ups, breaststroke style dress. Also a good effect can be achieved thanks to the dumbbell press.


Salon. These methods are primarily aimed at improving skin tone. It is difficult to say whether the chest will become larger, but the decollete will clearly become more beautiful. For this, a vacuum is made in the chest area. Also in the salons there is a procedure for introducing fillers based on hyaluronic acid under the skin. These procedures have serious complications and a special effect from them should not be expected.


Repeatedly, many have heard the phrase from grandmothers that you need to eat a lot of cabbage, then the chest will grow big. There is some truth in these words, since cabbage contains plant hormones, antioxidants, and vitamins. But this theory has no medical support. There are other ways, these are: drinking a decoction of hops, walnut tinctures, rubbing the chest with a mixture of vegetable oils and making compresses and ylang-ylang. But all this, even if it helps, the breast will increase quite a bit and the effect will be very short-lived.


Surgical methods of breast augmentation include: surgery to install implants and lipofilling. The operation to establish implants can be applied to almost everyone, but has a rather difficult postoperative period. The method is to establish foreign object (implant) to the chest area, under or above the muscle. There are different forms of implants: anatomical and spherical. Anatomical are more similar to normal breasts. Spherical have a more spectacular appearance. Do not forget about contraindications: pregnancy, acute diseases, oncology and complications: hematomas, scars, cracks and ruptures of implants. Lipofilling is a notification of the breast, thanks to its own fat. Very well suited to those who want to get rid of fat deposits in the field of hips and belly. There is also your own contraindications. But complications are much less common and the postoperative period is easier. The only drawback of this operation is that with time fat can be dissolved. Surgical methods of breast augmentation have a huge minus - its high cost.