Top 10 Hair Treatments

Hair is the hallmark of women and girls. Problems with curls cause both physical and psychological inconvenience. Some kind of self-doubt, dullness, discomfort and shyness. Saying NO to these problems will help the possible methods of hair treatment in women. Problems with strands require an integrated approach to treatment. For example: massage, medicines, cosmetic procedures and so on.

List of existing problems, ways to treat them

Alopecia is hair loss. The issue of hair loss in women can be solved with the help of a surgical method. This is a hair follicle transplant. Not many people can afford this way. Some have serous contraindications. Physiotherapy method - applying medications and heating them with a laser. The use of this device promotes rapid metabolism. Treatment of curls is more active. Injection technology - the introduction of a complex of substances by injection. Thus, the growth of curls is accelerated, dormant bulbs are activated, and dandruff and scalp diseases are prevented. The preparation contains the necessary nutrients and vitamin complexes. Therapeutic approach - the use of masks, special shampoos, conditioners. Salon procedures Ozone therapy is the introduction of a mixture of ozone with oxygen into the dermis of the head. At the same time, microcirculation and blood outflow improves. Mesotherapy in the form of injections of a special cocktail with nutrients, vitamins, micro and macro elements. The therapeutic effect is undeniable. 100% result. There are some contraindications (pregnancy, lactation). Plasmolifting. The essence of the method is to maintain your own plasma, which is maximally saturated with platelets. Important! Folk remedies cannot help cope with the problem of hair loss in women and men. Split ends or trichoptilosis. vitamin therapy. Special diet. cosmetic substances. Cosmetic procedures. Cryotherapy - exposure to a curl with low temperatures.The technique contributes to improved hair nutrition, rapid metabolism. Massage stimulates the scalp and blood circulation. Mesotherapy - the introduction of nutrients through injections. Darsonvalization - the influence of high-frequency current pulses. With the help of technology, greasiness is reduced, the nutrition of hair follicles is accelerated. Treatment is selected individually depending on the condition of the hair. Methods for the treatment of dry strands. General recommendations Gently wash the strands - no more than 3 times a week, with cool water. Regularly use moisturizing, nourishing masks. Impregnation of strands with special oil substances. Supply curls with concentrated mixtures. For example, cosmetic preparations that strengthen the hair structure and add active substances there. Salon technology. Hair shielding. Silky and mirror smooth. The method that heals, glues the ends of the hair, closes the scales. Keratin straightening, which is carried out using liquid keratin. The procedure makes the hair resistant to damage. Mesotherapy - the introduction of vitamin complexes.