Top 10 Menopause Treatments

Normal menopause does not need to be treated. Enough twice a year to be examined by a gynecologist. If unpleasant and alarming symptoms appear, then an unscheduled examination is necessary.

Methods of therapy

To eliminate unpleasant manifestations and reduce the risks of menopause, the doctor can add the following methods to the drug treatment plan:
  • Phytotherapy (dietary supplements stabilize the hormonal background, due to the presence of hormone-like components of herbs in the composition; taking herbal teas and herbal teas reduces irritability, eliminates insomnia, etc.).
  • The use of antidepressants, sedatives and sleeping pills normalizes the emotional state. The doctor prescribes, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.
  • Hormone replacement therapy (drugs based on estrogen, progesterone or their compounds are prescribed).
  • The use of hormone-containing drugs vaginally (suppositories, rings, creams, etc. eliminate vaginal dryness).
  • The use of drugs to treat osteoporosis.
Absolutely all women with menopause or the onset of menopause need to reconsider their lifestyle:
  • Reduce or remove the effects of stress and overwork;
  • Get the room temperature back to normal, change blankets, dress appropriately for the weather, all of which are necessary to minimize hot flashes;
  • There should be enough foods containing calcium, vitamins and minerals in the diet;
  • Food should exclude the development of obesity;
  • Use lubricant during intercourse;
  • Sex life should be regular;
  • In the daily routine, it is necessary to have walks in clean air and sufficient physical activity;
  • Physical exercise and sports;
  • To engage in your hobbies and hobbies, which will help stabilize the psycho-emotional background;
  • Dont consider the ongoing changes as the end of life, but accept it as an inevitable natural process.
In the event of complications during menopause and menopause, it is best for a woman not to self-medicate, but to seek help from a specialized specialist (oncologist, nephrologist, cardiologist, etc.).

Peculiarities of menopause prevention

It is very important to adhere to the following rules:
  • Do not have abortions.
  • Breastfeed your babies.
  • Vaccinate against papillomavirus.
  • Timely access to a doctor in the event of gynecological and other diseases.
  • Prevention of stress and overwork.
  • No bad habits.
  • Proper nutrition.
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