10 best remedies for the treatment of varicose veins

In order to understand the treatment of varicose veins, you need to find out what kind of disease it is? Varicose veins are when the veins of the lower or upper extremities, very rarely veins in the abdominal cavity, change in shape and expand pathologically due to low pressure, or impaired blood flow. Due to poor outflow of blood, blood stagnates in the veins. The consequence of this: deformation of the walls of blood vessels, changes in the operation of the valve apparatus and the development of the inflammatory process. This is a rather dangerous disease, since the formation of blood clots can be complicated, which can come off at any time and the formation of trophic ulcers. Treatment methods are divided into:
  • Conservative (taking medications in the form of tablets and ointments, wearing compression garments).
  • Surgical, or operational.
  • Traditional medicine

Conservative treatment

Tablets. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce vascular extensibility, improve microcirculation and reduce capillary permeability. Ointments. They act like tablets. They are used mainly for mild stages of the disease, this is when venously dilated veins are as superficial as possible. Wearing compression underwear. It helps the walls of blood vessels to be in good shape and prevents the expansion of weak vessels. Its like a kind of frame for the veins.

Surgical treatment

Phlebectomy - removal of the trunk of the damaged vein with all damaged ducts. This operation is radical and quite traumatic. The postoperative period is long. Therefore, it is used extremely rarely, with damage to large, deep veins. Sclerotherapy. This is when a special drug is injected into the lumen of the vessel, which glues the walls of the vessels and the pathological process and blood flow in the veins stops. It is now a very popular method, since minimal trauma and high efficiency. Sclerotherapy is performed on an outpatient basis, after the procedure you can go home. Endovenous laser obliteration. Removal of affected vessels by laser exposure.With this procedure, traumatization is reduced to zero, and there is practically no pain after the procedure. Radio frequency region. The most modern method of treatment of varicose veins. It is a minimally invasive method, as well as laser obliteration and sclerotherapy. This is where the process is completely automated. The only drawback is the high cost.

Folk treatments

Hirudotherapy. Treatment with leeches. A very well-known method since ancient times for the treatment of many diseases. Phytotherapy. Often, foot baths with the addition of various herbs, which improve blood flow, relieve inflammation, thin the blood. These herbs include: oak bark, buckthorn leaves, sweet clover, red grape leaves, verbena, raspberry, horsetail and many others. Very often, treatment methods are combined with each other, for more effective treatment of varicose veins.