Top 10 Penis Enlargement Products

Today, there are more and more clients who turn to clinics with the need to increase the size of the male reproductive organ. What is it for? Whether this is worth doing for no apparent reason is not always clear. In general, most representatives of the strong half of humanity really do not need such manipulations. Everything lies in the negative psychological perception, if a man, for some reason, assumes that his penis is too small. Often even experienced doctors cannot convince him otherwise. In psychology, this phenomenon is called penile dysmorphophobia (micropenis syndrome) and such a patient can be cured simply by sessions with a psychotherapist. However, the importance of this issue for increasing a mans self-esteem in his sexual life should not be underestimated. An effective way to increase the male reproductive organ with the help of drugs has not yet been found. However, modern medicine offers some options for penis lengthening.

Hardware method

Using this method, you can achieve an increase in the penis from 2 to 4 cm in length and 1 cm in width. A specially designed tool is used, namely an extender or a vacuum extension, which allows you to achieve the desired result without the need for a surgical operation. Certified products from various manufacturers are sold in pharmacies. Functioning mechanism: the device is fixed on the penis every day for up to 9 hours, during which the cavernous bodies of the penis are gradually pulled out with the help of special rods. The effect can be seen not earlier than after 6 months.

Surgical intervention

With the help of a surgical operation, it is possible to increase the size of the male genital organ by about 2 - 6 cm in length and by about 6 - 8 mm in circumference. As an operation, a method called ligamentotomy is used. During the surgical intervention, the characteristic features of the structure of the penis, consisting of 2 hollow cavernous bodies, are taken as a basis.When an erection occurs, the cavities of these bodies are filled with blood. Due to the fact that the cavernous bodies are associated with the pubic bone and connected by the skin, in fact, their length is in the inner part of the body. The operation consists in cutting the suspensory ligament with subsequent enlargement of the penis along the length of the internal component of the cavernous body. The operation takes approximately 1.5 hours and is performed under anesthesia.