Top 10 Treatments for Nicotine Addiction

Smoking is one of the most harmful habits that can lead to a whole list of serious diseases, up to the formation of cancer. Cigarette addiction is caused by a chemical in their composition that affects the psyche - nicotine. Smoking cigarettes has a toxic effect - one piece contains more than 100 harmful substances that poison the body.

Stages of smoking addiction

Depending on the period and frequency of nicotine use, the formation of dependence is divided into several stages: First stage. Smoking is not frequent, episodic, rarely at the time of stress, dependence is not physical, but psychological (a way to relieve stress). The formation of physical dependence on the background of psychological. Both physical and mental dependence are highly developed. Withdrawal after a long break in the consumption of nicotine, increased aggression at the moments when you want to use. How to identify nicotine addiction The fact of a real addiction is established by a drug addiction doctor, but you can answer three basic questions about smoking to see if you need specialist help. The answer is simple: yes/no. Do you ever smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day? Do you want to smoke a cigarette in the first hour after waking up? Did you have a strong desire to smoke after a long break?

How to quit smoking

If you decide for yourself to start a bad habit, you need to choose ways to deal with it. Its better to combine.
  • Medical care of a narcologist. After examining the patients condition, the doctor will prescribe medications to combat addiction and relieve stress.
  • Nicotine patch. A recently emerging way to ease the “withdrawal” during withdrawal. The patch is glued to the body and releases a minimal amount of nicotine into the body. But after that you will have to wean yourself from the substitute.
  • Nicotine gum. It works in a similar way to the nicotine patch.
  • Sports. Suitable as an addition to the main method of treatment. Irritation and excess energy when quitting smoking is better to splash out in the hall.
  • Psychologist. You can be appointed by a narcologist, or you can visit him without a doctors appointment to understand yourself and understand why you actually decided to quit smoking.
  • Encoding. It does not cure addiction, it is only a way of mental and emotional influence on the patient. High drop chance.
Treatment is possible with medication with the appointment of a specialist.