Uri Care is a biological active food supplement recommended for use by men and women for the treatment and prevention of bladder diseases. Active ingredients in the composition: suppress pathogenic microflora, relieve inflammation in organs and tissues of the urinary system; remove residual effects (urea, sand and stones); eliminate urinary retention; strengthen the muscles of […]

Uromexil are capsules to increase potency. Natural, herbal components of the drug normalize the blood circulation in the penis and are an effective tool for the prevention of prostatitis. The use of capsules will allow you to get rid of pain or discomfort when urinating, eliminate frequent urge to use the toilet, and also color […]

Cistat – effective treatment of diseases of the bladder and urinary excretion. Promotes successful recovery from various diseases such as pyelonephritis, acute and chronic cystitis, urolithiasis, urinary incontinence. Cistat has no side effects and is therefore suitable for any age group.