What is it? What kind of product?

FollicleRx are specially formulated hair capsules. The main purpose of the product is to stimulate hair growth and restore hair after damage. Also prevents loss. The capsules are completely safe to use and have no side effects. Can be used on any hair type. With FollicleRx, you get nourishment and intense satiety. Your hair will once again shine with its natural shine and be healthy. The result can be observed in the shortest possible period of time.

FollicleRx Product information
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Sold in pharmaciesnot
Storage conditionsStore at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.
Country of saleUSA, UK, India, Philippines. The whole world

What is the composition of the product? Components

  • Vitamin B5. Promotes the absorption of other vitamins by the body. Takes part in accelerated hair growth, strengthens them. Helps get rid of dandruff, burning sensation and itching.
  • Horsetail extract. Helps hair become stronger and shinier. Promotes even tone. Helps to restore hair structure after repeated coloring.
  • Para-aminobenzoic acid. Takes part in the production of proteins that have a protective function.
  • Biotin. It has a positive effect on the skin, takes part in the processes of carbohydrate metabolism, and stimulates local blood circulation. Thanks to this component, sulfur atoms quickly enter the hair structure, dryness and flaking disappear.

How to apply the product? How to use?

Reception is carried out in several stages. During the first month, you should take two capsules during the day, half an hour before meals (morning and evening). When this course is completed, the second stage begins immediately. Its duration is one to three months. The dosage regimen is the same, only one capsule.


FollicleRx - this is a scam?

Not. We have tried this product and can claim that this is not a hoax.

How long does the delivery of goods take?

Depending on where you are, but usually 2-6 days.

How long will it take before I see or feel any improvement?

It all depends on your body. But on average it is 10-14 days.

The action of the product. How does it work? FollicleRx

Due to the action of natural substances, the scalp is nourished. This is due to the fact that the components contain a high level of beneficial trace elements and vitamins. The main task of the drug is to provide the bulbs with the necessary amount of nutrients, stimulate their growth and prevent loss. The active ingredients work according to the principle of synergy. This means that each element enhances the effectiveness of the other. Due to this principle of work, the fastest possible result is achieved.

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