Scam or Worth the Price?

Rhino-Correct is a device that is designed to reduce the width, shape of the nose. The tool can be used by men and women, its effect always positively affects the appearance. The product is manufactured according to an understanding of the anatomy of the nose and defects that reduce its attractiveness. The products are certified, which confirms their safety and effectiveness. The result of using the corrector is not inferior to the effectiveness of “beauty injections”, the outcome of surgical rhinoplasty.

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Our expert's review

Many girls and boys suffer from irregular noses, bumps or problems with large nostrils. After all, a face is like a business card and not everyone wants to look the way it was assigned, it was originally nature. It seems that there is only one way out - to save money for expensive plastic surgery on the nose. But this is not the case! In many countries around the world, people are already using Rhino-Correct and are definitely happy with the result. This device is able to reshape the nose without surgery in just 4-5 months, and you will again become attractive and happy owners of a pretty nose. This is why I recommend Rhino-Correct.

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Side Effects

After donning, the Rhino-Correct compresses the cartilage of the nose. Thanks to the systematic use of the device, it takes the correct shape. A slight improvement in the appearance of the nose can be noticed already after 2 weeks of using the clip-corrector. But provided that the splint is used correctly, according to the instructions.


The Rhino-Correct device is made of hypoallergenic plastic, which is fully compatible with the human epithelium. The product does not cause redness, rashes, skin swelling and other adverse effects. The shape of the corrector helps to correct the nose, regardless of the cause of its imperfection.
The composition of the plastic from which the product is made allows:

  • Apply the splint for a long time (until the expected effect is achieved).
  • Handle Rhino-Correct with a damp cloth (to clean the device from dirt).
  • Avoid the formation of hematomas, age spots on the skin of the nose.
  • Take the clip with you on a trip (the item weighs 15 g).
  • Correct the tip and bridge of the nose.

The use of the corrector is approved by experts - practicing ENT doctors. The device does not violate the respiratory function, makes the hump of the nose less noticeable, reduces its width, and eliminates asymmetry. Rhino-Correct products are equally effective in treating birth defects and acquired (eg post-traumatic) defects.

How to use?

To correct the shape of the nose, Rhino-Correct must be worn 3 times a day. The minimum duration of wearing the clip is 2 hours. The duration of the course of operation of the corrector is at least 2 months. If the clip is placed correctly, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, the nostrils remain free, not compressed. The bottom of the product and the tip of the nose should be in contact.

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Indications for use

  • hump
  • curvature of the nasal cartilage
  • curvature of the nasal septum
  • the presence of wide wings of the nose


The only drawback of Rhino-Correct is that even with a strong desire to change the nose beyond recognition is impossible. Using Rhino-Correct for its intended purpose, you will not find any defects.

Where to buy?

I found where you can buy Rhino-Correct in USA, United Kingdom and India

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How long does the delivery of goods take?

Depending on where you are, but usually 2-6 days.

How long will it take before I see or feel any improvement?

It all depends on your body. But on average it is 10-14 days.


Rhino-Correct Customer Reviews

Since childhood, I have a hump on my nose - its just disgusting! When I came across an ad for Rhino-Correct, I was surprised. I didnt believe that the 15 gram miracle Rhino-Correct could solve my problem. When used correctly, the result is visible in two months, and it is stunning. I am very pleased with this purchase and I advise you.

Over the years, the tip of my nose hasnt looked as attractive as it used to. I was advised to purchase Rhino-Correct and follow the instructions strictly. After all, there is no desire to resort to surgical intervention. For convenience, I wore the Rhino-Correct in the evening for 2 hours before bed. Within three months, I solved my problem completely.

I got a thick and not beautiful nose from my father. Given the wide and round face, I generally look like Fiona from the cartoon Shrek. I wanted to do plastic surgery, but when I found out the price, I changed my mind abruptly, because there is no such money. Well, money could be borrowed, but there are still health problems, and I do not know how the body would react to surgery. My husband bought me Rhino-Correct, wanted to play a joke, he said, look what a cool thing, initially I was offended by him and even burst into tears. Over time, I decided to try it. Iya is happy that she didnt just throw her salvation into the trash. My face looks completely different now thanks to this unique thing.So I more than recommend everyone to have a great mood after using this product.

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