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Magicoa is a unique cocoa product, a drink that you can add to your diet and not worry about harm to your figure. For the first time chocolate can be included in the diet and get amazing results. Magicoa helps to reduce weight and maintain waist parameters, preventing visceral obesity.

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Our expert's review

“I know how difficult it is for some patients to lose weight. Restrictions in nutrition, constant loads in the gym, but the result is minimal. When we introduce Magicoa into therapy, there is a powerful impetus to accelerated fat burning, and after a month women return to me with gratitude - thinner, more toned. The main advantage of the supplement is that it works gently and does not allow the skin to sag.”

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Side Effects

Reishi mushroom extract is a natural source of chitin, which suppresses hunger. Active ingredients contribute to accelerated fat burning and overall health.
During the first week of admission, the state of the nervous system stabilizes.
In the second week, toxins are actively removed from the body. Harmful substances that accumulate in the body disrupt the functioning of internal organs and contribute to weight gain.
In the third week, carbohydrate metabolism improves. There is an opportunity not to deny yourself your favorite food, because extra calories do not settle on problem areas, but are converted into energy.
The appearance of results and a visible decrease in volumes. After a month of regular use of the drink, it becomes necessary to change the wardrobe 1-2 sizes smaller.


Magicoa is a chocolate with a multi-component composition based on healthy vegetable raw materials. The formula is absolutely safe, the ingredients are well tolerated by the body.

  • Reishi Mushroom Extract - Helps lower blood sugar levels and reduces cravings for sugary foods. There is an accelerated breakdown of fats, the condition and function of the liver improves. In addition, Reishi promotes quality sleep, strengthens the skin and has a powerful anti-aging effect.
  • Cocoa - speeds up metabolism and helps burn calories faster. Due to phenolic compounds, it increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin, resulting in a decrease in appetite and food cravings. Cocoa helps fight depression and stimulates the production of endorphins - the happiness hormones.
  • Black pepper extract helps to improve the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the production of enzymes - food is better broken down and absorbed. Capsaicin, which is part of black pepper, improves blood flow and helps get rid of cellulite.

How to use?

The main course is designed for 4 weeks of admission. The uniqueness of Magicoa lies in the ability to lose weight without grueling workouts. It is recommended to drink 2 cups of the drink a day for a month before the main meals. During this time, on average, with an excess weight of 10-12 kg, 3-4 kg go away, which are stably held and do not return for a long time even without the support of dietary nutrition.

  1. Boil 150 ml of water;
  2. Dissolve in water 1 tsp. powder;
  3. Let it brew for 5-7 minutes

A unique fat burning drink is ready! Drink chocolate in small sips.

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Magicoa has several indications for use:

  • Sudden weight gain;
  • Pronounced cellulite;
  • Obesity;
  • No effect of the diet.

The supplement is also relevant for people who cannot attend workouts or want to lose weight without exhausting physical exertion. The effect of daily intake of Magicoa is comparable to a 2-hour intensive work in the gym.


The supplement should not be used by people who are prone to diabetes mellitus, who have serious endocrine pathologies and problems of visceral obesity. The decision to introduce Magicoa into the diet should be consulted with a medical practitioner.

Where to buy?

I found where you can buy Magicoa in USA, United Kingdom and India

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How long does the delivery of goods take?

Depending on where you are, but usually 2-6 days.

How long will it take before I see or feel any improvement?

It all depends on your body. But on average it is 10-14 days.


Magicoa Customer Reviews

“Constant stress led me to a sharp jump in weight in 2 years - from 55 kg I gained weight to 74. Everything was used - fashionable fat-burning creams, smart fitness workouts. But when a friend told me that I should try reishi chocolate, I was skeptical. However, the affordable cost and the lack of effect from self-management of volumes led me to purchase Magicoa. A month later, I no longer have 48, but 46 size. And this is not the limit - I will strive for size 44, I think in a month I will be able to show my new result. ”

“My problems are fat folds on the back and a roller in the lower abdomen. I always dreamed of getting rid of them, but the fat traps stubbornly refused to give up. I saw good reviews from a nutritionist on Magicoa, and purchased a drink. In addition to the tangible effect, drinking cocoa is a real pleasure, an amazing and rich taste warms and uplifts. Already after 2 weeks, the folds began to decrease. On the scales -4 kg, while I do not sit on any diets. I sincerely recommend trying the supplement to girls who are desperate to lose weight.”

“Overweight is a problem not only for women, but also for men. Alcohol, night fun on the weekends led me after 30 years to a huge sagging belly. Wife was losing weight on Magicoa and I asked her to get me a drink too. Now in the process of losing weight, I had to change my jeans after a month - the fat on my stomach literally melts, all the trousers began to fall off. I never thought that some 2 cups of cocoa a day could help you lose weight without resorting to sports and proper nutrition - I don’t have time for this, but I want to be beautiful and fit.”

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