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FungaXT is a natural hand and foot cream in the form of an organic roll-on stick. This makes it easy to apply to the dermis. It also allows customers to take it with them wherever they go. Its rich formula is designed to improve the appearance of fungal skin. Topical application should have a positive effect on the scent and appearance of the epidermis. It also works to restore its normal texture.
User reviews on online forums share their good impressions of the cosmetic product. Customers are delighted with the organic formula of FungaXT Natural Roll-On Cream and how it raises the skin’s pH. Customers are particularly impressed by the ball-on-stick design, reminiscent of antiperspirant deodorants. It is compact and lightweight to carry.

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Our expert's review

Thanks to its precise action, the gel destroys all types of microbes and viruses, and also helps to quickly regenerate, soothes and moisturizes the skin where there are minor abrasions and cracks.

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Side Effects

  • Moisturizes the skin to help normalize its structure, texture and pH;
  • Soothing and nourishing effect on the skin;
  • Cleansing, hydrating and restoring the skin;

In conclusion, we can say that the cream tones the skin well, removes congestion, relieves heaviness and fatigue in the legs, gives a pleasant and fresh scent to the limbs. In general, it has a beneficial effect on the skin.


  • Salicylic and undecylenic acid - these contribute to the normal pH level in the epidermis. These acids help to restore the beauty of the skin, its normal structure and texture. They aim to prevent the reappearance of fungal bacteria.
  • Propolis, beeswax, camphor, lanolin, menthol and St. John's wort. The main purpose of this natural complex is to help with the disinfection of areas suffering from onychomycosis. It can reduce irritation, redness, and burning sensation on the surface of the skin of the feet and hands. The Natural Complex also helps soothe reddened areas and leave skin softer, more pleasant and refreshed.
  • Essential oils of rosemary, thyme, almond and tea tree - a rich complex of bio-essential oils, which is completely aimed at the natural regeneration of the dermis.

How to use?

FungaXT Cream is easy to apply locally thanks to its roll-on form. Its use helps to keep your hands clean. It also provides a more precise way to apply to certain affected skin areas.
According to the official information on its website, FungaXT roll-on cream should be applied in 3 easy steps:

  1. The skin should be washed and dried with a soft towel.
  2. Take a roll-on stick and apply it to the affected dermis in circular massaging movements. Do not press too hard.
  3. Let the skin absorb the cream for a while. This procedure should be repeated within 1 (one) month 2 (two) times a day.
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The gel is designed to fight fungus. It helps not only to eliminate such a nuisance, but also to find freshness and relieve heaviness in the legs. Helps to cope with unpleasant odor, constant itching, redness of the skin. He also heals purulent inflammations and solves many other problems. It must be used continuously for a month. Apply 2 times daily to areas of the body where the fungus is found.


The gel contains natural ingredients, does not injure the skin and does not cause side effects. Can be used by women during pregnancy. It is not recommended for people who have an intolerance to certain components.

Where to buy?

I found where you can buy Fungaxt in USA, United Kingdom and India

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Official site Available. Go to the official website


How long does the delivery of goods take?

Depending on where you are, but usually 2-6 days.

How long will it take before I see or feel any improvement?

It all depends on your body. But on average it is 10-14 days.


Fungaxt Customer Reviews

The fungus appeared quite recently, but during this time I managed to understand how much trouble it brings. I especially had a bad smell. I just didnt know what to do and how to be saved. I tried a new gel - Fungaxt. I have already managed to forget about such a nuisance, and also advised all neighbors, colleagues and friends. They are also delighted, because such a delicate problem seems frivolous only at first glance, but it needs to be treated. It is difficult to treat, but I am sure that the gel will cope with any difficult task, regardless of the degree of neglect. It would be great if a special foot soap and deodorant were released along with the gel.

I have been suffering from fungus for a long time, so when I started taking this gel, I did not believe at all that it would help me. Before him I tried and even tinctures, nothing helped, just a waste of money. But this tool exceeded all my expectations. Legs do not itch, nothing itches, and there is no unpleasant odor. How I missed those days that I had already forgotten that it was so great. I recommend this wonderful gel, you are great, there are more grateful clients for you.

I finally got rid of the fungus! When I bought new shoes, my problem persisted. My feet smelled the same way. Its good that I found this remedy in time. It helped me well. Many thanks to all those who created it. You are just great. I am very pleased that this problem is gone and I can now live a normal life. Thanks!

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