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Scam or Worth the Price?

Fiber Select is an effective product that helps men and women of all ages to get rid of toxins and waste products. The product contains only herbal ingredients and is in the form of a powdery concentrate. An innovative development designed for daily use. The drug helps to get rid of intoxication caused by unhealthy diet, chronic diseases, bad habits, stay in an unfavorable ecological environment. The product has a quality certificate.

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Our expert's review

Fiber Select is a slimming supplement that enhances the effects of exercise and restricting food intake.
The drug has a complex effect. Firstly, it "accelerates" metabolic processes in the body, which allows you to burn accumulated fats more efficiently. Secondly, the remedy reduces the feeling of hunger and gives the psychological effect required at a certain time of the day. So, early morning awakening allows you to avoid unnecessary snacks, deeper sleep - eating at night. The drug is indicated for people on a diet, as it can reduce the stress of losing weight and achieve sustainable results.

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Side Effects

Fiber Select has a strong antibacterial, antimicrobial potential. Strengthens the immune system, speeds up metabolism, stops the inflammatory processes progressing in the body. Cleans blood vessels, strengthens their walls, maintains stable blood glucose levels. Eliminates harmful cholesterol, prevents its further accumulation in the body. Acts on free radicals and radionuclides, cleanses cells and reduces the risk of cancer.


The Fiber Select preparation is made only from natural ingredients, without the addition of synthetic substances. The composition of the product is guar gum, fructooligosaccharide from chicory root, micronized apple fiber, psyllium seed husks.
The composition of the drug performs the following functions:

  • Eliminates toxins from the body, removes the walls of blood vessels from fatty deposits and heavy metal salts.
  • Helps stabilize the body's immune responses.
  • Increases metabolic rate.
  • Restores intestinal microflora, prevents the development of putrefactive processes in the digestive tract.
  • Supports normal blood clotting.
  • Regulates blood sugar.

Fiber Select is well tolerated. During the use of this product, the risk of developing allergies, addiction or other complications is excluded. The remedy helps even when other methods have proven ineffective.

How to use?

To get rid of toxins and wastes, Fiber Select must be used according to the instructions. Pour 5 g of food additive into 150 ml of water, stir the product. Drink the prepared concentrate without dividing 1 portion into several parts. Repeat taking the drug 3 times a day for 1 month. The primary improvement in well-being is observed after 1 day of therapy.

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The tool is designed to eliminate excess weight. Can be taken by both women and men. There is no age limit.


The product has no side reactions, does not cause allergies, addiction. It is not recommended for people with intolerance to certain ingredients of the drug.

Where to buy?

I found where you can buy Fibre Select in USA, United Kingdom and India

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How long does the delivery of goods take?

Depending on where you are, but usually 2-6 days.

How long will it take before I see or feel any improvement?

It all depends on your body. But on average it is 10-14 days.


Fibre Select Customer Reviews

I've always been told that being overweight is the result of overeating, and eating less is enough to lose weight. May be! I tormented myself with terrible diets, ate only 3 apples a day and did not lose any weight at all, as if my metabolism was simply not working! Only after a few days I felt a difference with this remedy. In the shortest possible time, I managed to lose weight by 12 kg - and this is just 4 weeks! I'm very happy about that!

I tried several ways to lose weight, and I had something to lose, because my "favorite body" was 34 kg more. It didn't work out, various means just took away my energy, hope and a lot of money. With Fiber Select, it was the opposite. I have lost 30 kg and I feel that they have given me a new life.

Before, I ate everything that came to hand. Now, if I need or if I feel like I want something unhealthy, I take Fiber Select instead. This is good and the desire to eat sweets disappears. It is still pointless for me to waste time in the gym, I also lost a lot of weight without a diet!

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